About Us

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Our Approach

C-C Water Services

C & C Water Services LLC offers our 100 years plus experience to service your water wells and pumping equipment when the time is needed. Every pump or well requires attention at some point of time.

With the knowledge of design and construction our team can provide service rigs and crews capable of removing deep set turbine pumps of any size and depths. We can service and repair all types of rotating equipment whether dirty or fresh water.

Our Story


  • Service Rig Capability up to 120,000lb plus
  • Pull and Set Pumps
  • Camera Survey
  • Wire-Brush Cleaning
  • Acidizing
  • Sonar Jetting
  • Chlorination
  • Bottom Hole Cleaning
  • Down Hole Structural Repair
  • Interior Liner Installation
  • Gravel Packing
  • Above Ground/Below Ground Piping Repair

Other Services

  • Booster Pump Repair and Service
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Electric Motors
  • Submersible Motors
  • Lift Station Pumps/Motors
  • Right Angle Gear Drive Repair

Our Keys To Success


Regan McCook

Founder & CEO


  • Daily Safety Meeting
  • Job Site Safety Meeting
  • Clean Job Sites are Safe Job Sites

Eric Teagan

Vice President

Knowledge of Wells and Pumps

  • Experience
  • Reliability

Timothy Barrett


Financial Stability

  • Bonding Capacity for Any Size Project